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Geoff Bechtol: Educator & Owner of ILP

Since 2002, Geoff Bechtol has been a public educator in rural Alaska.  He has designed and implemented culturally-relevant curriculum for rural Alaskan communities.  He has partnered with tribes, native corporations, state agencies, artists and school districts to create and implement educational programs. He believes in holistic, meaningful education achieved by focusing on specific goals applicable to real people in real communities.  Geoff's approach fosters critical thinking, collaboration, and resilience in his students.


Geoff draws upon a wealth of life experiences, giving him a genuine understanding of the challenges students face and their remarkable resilience. These experiences have fostered empathy, compassion, and an unwavering dedication to the well-being and success of students, families, communities, and educators. 

Whether you are seeking guidance in meaningful curriculum development or cultivating a culturally inclusive learning experience, Geoff brings an experienced and a compassionate approach to every project. He has developed a network of collaborators throughout his career that contract with ILP to further augment the breadth of expertise offered to clients.

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