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What We Offer

We work with each of our clients to create a customized plan providing the level of support needed for the particular challenges of your educational objectives. Whether it is big-picture consultation, individual coaching, or community projects that require specialized attention, we can engage at any level. We begin with a free initial consultation to assess your needs and create a recommended plan, including cost and timelines.

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Curriculum Development

We provide support around developing either a specific course or create long-term projects that meet educational goals in multi or single-grade classrooms involving community engagement, local cultural resources, and career development.


Coaching and Training

We meet with new or experienced educators either collectively or individually to address challenges unique to rural communities and to help incorporate culturally relevant material in teaching educational mandates.  We provide trainings scalable for districts or individuals alike and provide coaching sessions throughout long-term projects to address specific challenges and provide continuity between team members.



We consult with administrators and agencies to develop meaningful programs for general or specific purposes. We will partner with additional professionals to bring in needed expertise to develop solutions compatible with community needs and educational mandates. 

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